Diagnostics refers to the process of identifying a particular condition or disease in an individual or a system, based on the analysis of various symptoms, tests, and other factors. In the medical field, diagnostics involves a range of tests and procedures, such as physical examination, laboratory tests, imaging tests, and biopsies, which are used to identify and diagnose various medical conditions. The development of portable, rapid diagnostic tests is a trend in the diagnostics field that can be performed at the point of care, which can improve the speed and accuracy of diagnoses.

At FutureWise, we help organizations switch to continuous decision-making by producing broader, deeper, and quicker insights from structured and unstructured data, private and public data with innovative technologies and advanced analytics technology. We aim to make corporate batch decision-making a more empowered, creative, and efficient continuum. We concentrate on sectors including life sciences and pharmaceutical corporations that must continuously assess and improve their efficiency, cut costs, and minimize risk to stay competitive.

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