With our expertise in consulting services, we assist our clients in having a deep dive analysis of the market to maximize their profit with optimal usage of resources.

Pricing Analysis

Pricing analysis involves the study and evaluation of product prices and their trends over a period of time. It includes:

  • Assessing competitor product prices at the user end and across the supply chain
  • Studying customer and end-user perception of product prices and validating whether the products are affordable for the customers
  • Providing volume discounts based on the quantity of the product and offering rebates on different product categories

New Product Positioning

We support you in planning and research design, identifying new product ideas with market potential, understanding unmet customer needs and product features, conducting techno-commercial feasibility, and developing a pricing strategy. We provide market research across different stages of new product development, which include:

  • New idea generation
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Similar business case form past
  • Market positioning of the product
  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days

End User Analysis

End-user analysis includes identifying the different needs of clients and providing the best possible solutions. The additional services include customer perception mapping, evaluating unmet needs, usage levels of various products/services, satisfaction levels for different products/services, factors influencing device/product selection, factors impacting vendor selection, level of brand awareness, and others.

Market Assessment & Market Entry

The market assessment provides an in-depth and specific analysis of the potential of a proposed product, service, or investment. The study may include evaluating market dynamics, current and anticipated market competition, and market potential as well as understanding the burning issues and trends per the planned offerings.