Privacy Policy

Digital privacy is a fundamental right of every human being who have their existence on the Internet. We have emphasized on improving ways in which Internet offers privacy to the users. FutureWise believes that its users should have maximal privacy while utilizing the website and related services. The following document showcases the principle ideology of the Privacy Policy of our website ( and how it impacts the users.

Collection of Data

When you send us an inquiry or purchase a report or subscribe to our other services, we collect specific personal details such as name, email address, contact number, company name, job title payment details and shipping and billing address. This information is crucial for subscribing to our services or completing the purchase of a market research report.
When you access our website or use any of our online platforms, we collect information that is essential in making amends to our offerings. We use cookies and other technologies to improve your overall experience. Some of the instances of the type of information we collect include browser, time zone, device, location, and email provider information.
Data collection in this manner is possible when people interact with the website.

Automated Means of Data Collection

Apart from the consented form of data collection, some data may be collected by the automated set up of FutureWise. The type of data collected here includes ISP details, IP address and details regarding devices that were used for accessing the website. It should be noted that the data collection is a part of the logging process, which may be used for analytics purposes in the future.

Use of Cookies

Web Cookies are specific type of files that can be stored in the hard drive of your computer while accessing a website. These files are used for enhancing usage of website in the best form. As per our privacy policy, FutureWise does not use web cookies for tracking the user. They are used for enhancing the user experience. It should be noted that the cookie policy is applicable exclusively for FutureWise and not the websites that have been linked to FutureWise.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Privacy is a changing concept and there may be some important changes in the future. FutureWise hereby reserves the complete rights to make changes to the document with immediate effect. Visitors are expected to keep themselves updated with the website to understand major and minor changes to the privacy policy.