COVID -19 Spread Has Disrupted All Major Industries, Here Are Some Directly Impacted Markets


COVID - 19

The COVID-19, which initiated in Wuhan, China, has now turned into a pandemic. Over 200 countries are facing the uphill task of fighting this enigmatic virus. But there has been some asymmetric distribution when it comes to the rising number of patients and mortality rate. Over the last ten days, there has been a rise of over 40 percent of newly reported cases in the United States while over 45 percent of new cases were reported in Europe. Some countries like Hong Kong and Singapore, who effectively contained the spread of the virus initially, are experiencing a sudden rise in the number of cases leading the administrations to take some additional measures like initiating lockdowns to tackle the situation. Countries like Turkey and Russia have also experienced a huge jump in the number of confirmed cases, so have countries like India. On the other hand, countries like Sweden a trying a different approach to counter this pandemic. Instead of implementing social distancing and country-wide lockdowns, they are pursuing and option of ‘herd immunity’ whilst protecting the population that is more probable of catching up with the virus and with limited stringencies on social distancing in order to keep the number of confirmed cases as low as possible. Their primary goal is to maintain the economic as well as social balance and eventually developing a large population, i.e. over 80 percent of the population, to be exposed to the virus so that the people get immune to the virus just like common flu and protect it from spreading to the vulnerable ones.

The healthcare industry, on the other hand, is predicted to exhibit some escalation in the market growth owing to the surge in the requirements of medical essentials like PPE kits, ventilators, digital x-ray machines, etc. There has been a significant surge in the research activities for developing appropriate drugs to cure this virus or to stop the transmission chain. Currently, over 75 vaccine candidates and over 120 therapeutic candidates are being considered and are being tested on various levels.

We at FutureWise Market Research are keeping track of the impact caused by this pandemic on various businesses. We have simplified our research to offer actionable guidance and insights to business organizations across the world which enables them to strategize their growth roadmap and prevail over this situation resiliently. In assessing the impact of this epidemic, we have identified some areas that are more probable of providing growth opportunities for market players across various ecosystems.