Dental Consumables Market is poised to value USD 56989.54 million by 2028 end at a CAGR of 9.6% during the forecast period 2022 to 2028. 

Depending on the type, the dental consumables market is bifurcated into dental biomaterials, indirect restorative materials and direct restorative materials. The dental biomaterials segment is poised to augment substantially over the forecast period primarily owing to the rise in the number of cosmetic implant and dental implant procedures, the reduction in market penetration of dental biomaterials and developments in nanotechnology.

Based on the product, the market is bifurcated into endodontics, dental bridges and crowns, orthodontics, dental biomaterials, retail dental care essentials, dental implants, and periodontics. Out of these, the bridges and crown segment leads the  market and will consistently dominate over the forecast period. There is a high demand for these devices owing to its provision of a protective layer on the part of the tooth that is damaged. 

Furthermore, advancements in technology like CAM and CAD are steering the market growth. It is also considered that a large geriatric population, improving life expectancy across the globe and rising awareness about cosmetic dentistry shall benefit the market growth. Moreover, rising demand for getting a natural-looking tooth using bridges and crowns is projected to stimulate demand in the dental consumables market. 

The Asia Pacific is predicted to rise at a steady rate over the forecast period. This is owing to the rising dental tourism in various Asia Pacific countries. Additionally, increased spending on oral healthcare by the middle class is also expected to increase the demand for this market. The rising disposable income, increase in the ease of oral healthcare accessibility in the region and growing awareness in the region about the oral healthcare are some of the major steering factors augmenting the market. 

Key market players included in the dental consumables industry are Straumann Holding AG, Danaher Corporation, Dentsply Sirona Inc., 3M Company, Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc., Henry Schein, Inc., Kuraray Co., Ltd., Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Geistlich Pharma AG, Ivoclar Vivadent AG, GC Corporation, Keystone Dental, Inc., Bego GmbH & Co. Kg, Young Innovations, Inc. , Septodont Holding.

Dental Consumables Market Segmentation:

By Product

• Dental Restoration                                             
  o Dental Restoration Products                            
    • Dental Implants  
      o Titanium Implants
      o Zirconium Implants
    • Dental Prosthetics              
      o Dental Bridges
      o Dental Crowns
      o Dentures
      o Abutments
      o Veneers
      o Inlays and Onlays
  o Dental Restoration Materials                           
    • Indirect Restorative Materials         
      o Ceramics
        • Traditional All-ceramics
        • CAD/CAM Ceramics
      o Metal-ceramics
      o Other Indirect Restorative Materials
    • Direct Restorative Materials            
      o Amalgams
      o Composites
      o Glass Ionomers
      o Other Direct Restorative Materials
    • Dental Biomaterials           
      o Dental Bone Grafts
      o Tissue Regenerative Materials
      o Membranes
• Orthodontics                                        
  o Clear Aligners/Removable Braces
  o Fixed Braces                 
    • Archwires             
    • Anchorage Appliances       
    • Ligatures                                              
    • Accessories (Headgear & Retainers)                               
• Periodontics                                      
  o Dental Anesthetics                             
    • Topical Anesthetics            
    • Injectable Anesthetics
  o Dental Hemostats                              
    • Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose-based Hemostats
    • Gelatin-based Hemostats 
    • Collagen-based Hemostats
  o Dental Sutures                    
    • Non-absorbable Sutures
    • Absorbable Sutures             
• Infection Control                                 
  o Sanitizing Gels                    
  o Personal Protective Wear
  o Disinfectants                       
• Endodontics                                        
  o Shaping & Cleaning Consumables 
  o Access Preparation Consumables
  o Obturation Consumables                 
• Whitening Products                                            
  o In-office Whitening Products                            
    • Gels       
    • Resin Barriers     
    • Other in-office Whitening Products
  o Take-home Whitening Products                       
    • Whitening Trays  
    • Pens      
    • Pocket Trays        
    • Other Take-home Whitening Products 
• Finishing & Polishing Products                                        
  o Prophylaxis Products                         
    • Pastes   
    • Disposable Agents             
    • Cups      
    • Brushes
  o Fluorides                              
    • Varnishes             
    • Rinses   
    • Topical Gels/Oral Solutions              
    • Foam    
    • Trays                                      
• Other Dental Consumables
  o Dental Splints                      
  o Dental Sealants  
  o Dental Burs                          
  o Dental Impression Materials                            
  o Bonding Agents/Adhesives                              
  o Dental Disposables

By End User

  • Dental Hospitals and Clinics
  • Dental laboratories
  • Others

By Region

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa

Competitive Landscape:
• Tier 1 players- established companies in the market with a major market share
• Tier 2 players
• Emerging players which are growing rapidly
• New Entrants

FutureWise Key Takeaways:

  • Growth prospects
  • SWOT analysis 
  • Key trends 
  • Key data-points affecting market growth 

 Objectives of the Study:

  • To provide with an exhaustive analysis on the global dental consumables market by product, by end user and by region
  • To cater comprehensive information on factors impacting market growth (drivers, restraints, opportunities, and industry-specific restraints)
  • To evaluate and forecast micro-markets and the overall market 
  • To predict the market size, in key regions (along with countries)— Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa 
  • To record evaluate and competitive landscape mapping- product launches, technological advancements, mergers and expansions
  • Profiling of companies to evaluate their market shares, strategies, financials and core competencies

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