" We purchase reports based on our requirements and the observations that fulfil our market intelligence needs. We must purchase over two to three different off the shelf reports for the same topic in order to cover all the necessary parameters and this gets expensive. But with FutureWise, we share our requirements over the email or call and get all our requirements covered in one single customized report and the best part is we pay less than the cost of one off the shelf report. This has reduced our spending on market intelligence reports by 60% and now we can utilize the savings for other marketing activities. "
- CMO of Atheistic devices and pharma manufacturing Denmark

" We are a start-up which is why we often face budget constraints while purchasing market intelligence reports. We need few data sets to complete our pitch for the investors and our requirement is on a project-to-project basis. Therefore, purchasing a complete report proves to be an expensive affair for us. FutureWise gives us the liberty to pay for only the segments or chapters which we need from the report, which fits in our budget and fulfils our requirement as well. "
- MD of a London based Healthcare and Life science Startup

" I head the sales and operations for my company and understanding the market segmentation and the projections is very important for us. Purchasing a report with limited analytical support doesn’t help. We primarily need break up on numbers by region. At FutureWise we get unlimited analyst support post the purchase of the report and they are always prompt with their responses on emails or calls. "
- Head of Sales for leading Pharma Manufacturer Europe

" Our company identifies and invests in high-growth, niche healthcare startups and it is not possible to find the market growth for niche topics without the support of a detailed report. FutureWise has been helping us with the reports on niche topics with a high quality, reliable data. With every report, we get the list of primary and secondary sources of information which reinforces the reliability of the data. "
- Venture Capitalist based in New York

" FutureWise is one of our registered vendors and it is our one stop shop for all market intelligence needs. We are very happy with their service. "
- Largest Medical Devices Company based in United States

" We often purchase reports from FutureWise, and we always get the best price and the reports are really value for money. We have also recommended FutureWise to our other partners and sister companies. "
- Leading Healthcare Innovation and Research Organization in Japan